Groups & Special Tours

Some of the special programmes that we have done:


  • Archaeological programs in Egypt, India, China, Jordan, Indonesia, Cambodia, Peru, Bolivia, Libya, Algeria & Yemen
  • Camel Caravanning in India, China and Mongolia
  • Culture programs all over Asia, Africa, South America and the South Pacific
  • Folk art programs in Asia, Africa and South America
  • Photography assignments in Asia, Africa and S. America
  • Dinosaur hunting in Mongolia
  • Monastery programs into Bhutan, Tibet, Ladakh, Japan and South Korea
  • Gourmet tours in Asia and Africa
  • Train tours in Asia, Europe and South America


  • Birdwatching programs throughout Asia, Africa and in Europe
  • Butterflies programs into the Himalayas and the Amazon
  • Wildlife & natural history programs all over Africa, Asia and South America
  • Orchid safaris in South America, Thailand and the Himalayas
  • Gorilla safari in Zaire (now DRC) and Rwanda
  • River cruise (including rice barge cruise) in Egypt, China, Burma, Laos & Cambodia



  • Diving in Asia and the South Pacific
  • Dog sledding in the Scandinavian Arctic
  • Cycling in Europe and in the Himalayas
  • Elephant safari in India, Thailand, Burma, Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Laos
  • Expeditions in mountain climbing in the Himalayas, the Arctic and the Antarctic
  • Fishing trips in Bhutan, Nepal, India and Pakistan
  • Mountain biking in the Himalayas
  • Rafting in the Himalayan regions of India, Nepal, Bhutan; Africa & South America
  • Snorkeling in Asia and the South Pacific
  • Trekking & camping in Asia, Africa and South America
  • Snorkeling in Asia and the South Pacific
  • Hiking in Asia, Africa and South America
  • Kayaking & canoeing in the Himalayas and in Africa


Weird Tours

  • Non-smoking laws in South East Asia, Hong Kong, Singapore & Bangkok
  • Public Works delegation in Bangkok, Jakarta & Singapore
  • U.S. infectious diseases delegation to Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia & Singapore
  • Microbiology & marine biology in Hong Kong, Bangkok & Singapore
  • Plastic surgery & prosthetics in Cambodia & Vietnam
  • U.S. Biology & Wildlife Teachers Groups in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia & Thailand
  • Missions of understanding program in Bhutan & Burma
  • Biomonitoring river quality in India
  • Focus on Asian economy: Thailand, Malaysia & Singapore
  • Sports & fitness delegation in Thailand, Malaysia & Singapore
  • Outreach on women’s health delegation in Philippines, Thailand & Indonesia
  • Medical instrumentation & bio-materials in India
  • Indigenous arts in Indonesia & Singapore
  • Multimedia & Computer Aided Instructions in China & Hong Kong
  • Wildlife & animal husbandry in Nepal
  • Chemistry & chemical engineering delegation in Thailand & Malaysia
  • Ground water / arsenic poisoning in drinking waters: India & Bangladesh
  • Environment Health & Safety delegation in Thailand, Indonesia & Singapore
  • Textiles in Laos & Burma
  • Sports medicine in Thailand & Vietnam
  • Judicial law in Cambodia, Vietnam & Thailand
  • Lapidary / gem stones delegation in Sri Lanka
  • Women in business: India
  • Population control & family planning in India