Sustainability & Eco-Tourism

You may have noticed that our philosophy dwells in the “glories of travels” in the past. This does not mean we are stuck in the past… we value the need to protect and conserve what we have. We know that without the protection of today, there will not be much of tomorrow. We feel that to take care of the environment today is the most responsible and economically feasible way to ensure the future.

We take care to

  • Consider that our activities create income & employment for the local people
  • Involve members of local communities in running lodges or transportation
  • Conserve natural & cultural heritage while providing meaningful experiences to you
  • Help people with physical disabilities brought on by wars or political conflicts
  • Build respect between travellers and the hosts
  • Trek, hike or camp responsibly with the local people or hilltribes
  • Buy and encourage handicrafts that keep traditions alive
  • Eat in restaurants that employ former street kids or people with disabilities
  • Stay in accommodations that respect and support local communities
  • Make use of locally-operated transportation
  • Where ever and when ever possible support the use of “green” hotels