Bhutan Travel

Known to the Bhutanese as Druk Yul — “Land of the Dragon” — Bhutan is truly another world.

It is with great pleasure, and an even greater contentment, that Travel Interlink announces the re-joining of hearts and minds. Starting January 01, 2010, Bhutan Travel is now a part of Travel Interlink.

Bhutan Travel has been a specialist in travel to Bhutan since 1980, when its founder was appointed by the Royal Government of Bhutan to open the country’s first official overseas Bhutan Tourism Office. Bhutan Travel became a private company in 1987 and has been associated with the Kingdom of Bhutan for almost three decades. Bhutan Travel is not only the most knowledgeable agency promoting Bhutan, it is also the only company outside Bhutan specializing in travel to the Kingdom.  Bhutan Travel is small but very special, and it knows the Kingdom in a way that’s only possible with long and caring involvement.

It is not only
“The Lost Shangri La” it is
The Last Shangri La