Groups and individuals have been extremely pleased with the tours Travel Interlink has arranged

Posted in - Partners on April 5th, 2015

CHINASMITH, Inc. is now in its 21st year as a tour operator providing custom travel arrangements in China. Our clients are mostly in various fields of education. These include student tours, teacher training programs and alumni association travel. Our direct operations partners are based in China and Hong Kong.

Some of our clients have interests beyond China. When Korea, Japan and India have been requested, we have used the services of Mukesh Gupta at Travel Interlink as the local provider. Groups and individuals have been extremely pleased with the tours that he has arranged.

Please consider this letter to be a totally favorable recommendation of his services specifically in these countries. In the past several years we have booked 5 large institutional groups in Korea with programs originating from schools such as Columbia University, Oklahama University, Kansas University, and Rice University. For these Travel Interlink has been the liaison operator.

In India, Mukesh has handles slightly smaller groups for Chinasmith including light adventure travel in National Parks and Forest areas. The planning and execution of detailed itinerares developed in partnership with Travel Interlink have always been successful. Participant feedback and evaluations have been without complaint.

Please contact me directly if you have any specific questions or wish any further information as to our clients experiences when travelling on Travel Interlink operated programs.

Very Truly Yours,
Howard C. Smith

Howard C. Smith, President, CHINASMITH, Inc. (New York, USA)