Welcome to the Golden Age of Travel

Why we exist

For years I have shunned from actually having a web site. When I started our company in 1991, I joined the bandwagon and did have one. However, I increasingly found that it attracted visitors who did not match our philosophy or what I did and what I offered. In short, it attracted visitors of the wrong kind. As such I let our web site lapse and did not bother updating... until now. I am hoping that with this re-incarnated website we will be able to filter and attract those travellers whose needs and wants match what we have to offer.

We are a travel company of the bygone era... Myself and the people I work with, we believe in the Golden Age of Travel... and we also feel that in some ways, the Golden Age of Travel is actually here and now!

  • I found Travel Interlink by chance in Fodor's Guide. I called on them as Fodor's highly recommended them. The most wonderful friendship ensued...
    Judy Payne (Calif, USA)
  • One of the main features of Travel Interlink is that Mukesh does not have a catalogue with canned tours.
    Steward & Diana Shang (Calif, USA)
  • For over 20 years with Mukesh's friendship, expertise, research and advice we've experienced personalized trips to India, Thailand, Laos, Burma, Vietnam, Cambodia, and more...
    Arleen & Dick Sakahara (Calif, USA)
  • A few years ago my husband and I wanted to stay in an old castle in Ireland. We wanted to experience the true sense of staying in the castle with its original setting. Travel Interlink was able to accomplish this for us.
    Grace Lombardi (MD, USA)
  • Mukesh goes the extra mile to secure upgrades, a discount or request the highest level of service.
    Zarini Sisters (Calif, USA)
  • The first trip you ever booked for me was travelling to Laos at a time when it was almost impossible for an American to get a visa there...
    Brian Durno (Mass., USA)